This is a jungle lodge situated in the Amazonas State in the heart of the rainforest, beside a "black water" river (the colour of transparent tea) in the Manapiare Valley, surrounded by the Yutaje, Guaney, Yaví and Camani mountains. The accommodation is in bungalows with DB rooms/bath.
Here you have excellent possibilities for wildlife and bird watching and you can also spend time fishing for piranha (Dec.-April).

The Yutaje Falls

"Black Water" River Yutajé

- Walks in the rainforest to a

scenic viewpoint overlooking the jungle, the valley and the mountains.
- "Bongo" (Indian boat) trips
to the Coro-Coro Falls, bathing in natural pools or downstream to the freshwater dolphin and otter lagoon.

Only by charter flights from Caracas (Amazonair).

"bongo" trip through the jungle