and KAVAK are two tourist-camps of the "Kamarakoto" Indians, with "churuatas" (typical round palm thatched Indian dwellings) where you can spend the night in hammocks.

Indian Camp Uruyén.

From Uruyén you have the opportunity
to take very interesting excursions:

- Walking to different waterfalls and caves.

- Trekking tours to the top of the Auyantepuy (2.300 m) 6 days.

(Nov. - May)

- By Indian boat to the ANGEL FALLS and CANAIMA , for 5 days.

(July - Nov.)

- Trekking tour to the AICHA Tepuy (1.300m), for 3 days and from here

you can continue to the PUR PUR Valley, for another 3 days.

Walking to the Auyantepuy

ONLY with charter flights, from Caracas (Amazonair).

Canyon of the Akareupa Falls

Akareupa Falls


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