Punta Delgada from the air


"La Tortuga" (the turtle) is the second largest Venezuelan island located 40 NM north of the coast of Higuerote and 35 NM east of the island Margarita, in the middle of a deep blue sea.
The flora of this flat, desolated coral island consists of different cactus and some mangrove on the south coast.
On the north and east side we find coral banks, reefs and three little islands.

Here on the "Punta Delgada" peninsula are a landing strip, some fishermen's huts and a calm, fine, white, sandy beach several km long. The clear warm water is an invitation to bathe or to snorkel.

Beach of Punta Delgada
one or two-day tours
(overnight in tents).



- by charter flights from Caracas


- by sailboat or yacht from La

Guaira or Puerto La Cruz

Visiting "La Tortuga"

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