View to the mountains Yuruani, Kukenan and Roraima

The "Gran Sabana" is a sloping grassy plain 900 to 1.400 m in elevation, interrupted by turbulent black-water rivers bordered by moriche palms and stone colossi millions of years old called "tepuys" by the " Pemón" Indians.

The "Gran Sabana" is located in the southeast of Venezuela and forms a large part of the "Guyana Shield", crossing from Surinam to Colombia. It is one of the most ancient geological regions in the world. There we can find nearly 120 tepuys in the CANAIMA National Park. The tepuys are tabular stepped mountainous elevations, whose high plateaus with their vertical red and yellow tinted walls rise spectacularly toward the sky, from an evergreen rainforest skirt.
Gran Sabana

Marak Tepuy (the urn)
On the top of these table mountains which were formed by erosion, an endemic ecosystem developed through millions of years of isolation, and each tepuy has its own endemic flora and fauna.
The richness, magic and mystery of this landscape has created legends and sonorous names like: " El Dorado", "The Lost World", "The Crystal Mountain", "Islands in Time", "Seats of the Gods", "Islands on the Clouds ". Nowadays nothing has changed - all the visitors to this region feel automatically transported into an enchanted world.


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