The coral archipelago Los Roques includes 300 islands, keys and reefs and is located 166 km from Caracas in the Caribbean Sea.
The principal island is "Gran Roque" with a landing strip, a fishing village and small, basic posadas (150 beds) for visitors.
Los Roques is a National Park of breathtaking beauty.

Fishing pelicans and boobies
The different colours of the water between the flat lagoons to the open sea, going from deep blue through turquoise to emerald, the snowy white sand of pulverized corals and the warm crystalline water, are an invitation to bathe, snorkel and dive.
It's really fascinating to see the fishing pelicans and equally spectacular is the underwater world and the coral banks and reefs with millions of multicoloured exotic fish, barracudas, lobsters, turtles and more.

Overflying the archipelago

Arrival at Gran Roque