Pemón Indian Camp


and URUYEN are two tourist-camps of the "Kamarakoto" Indians, with "churuatas" (typical round palm thatched Indian dwellings) where you can spend the night in hammocks .
From Kavak you have the opportunity to make very interesting excursions :

 - Walking to different waterfalls and


 - Trekking tours to the top of the

Auyantepuy (2.300 m) 6 days
(Nov. - May)

 - By Indian boat to the ANGEL FALLS and CANAIMA , for 5 days (July - Nov.)

 - Trekking tour to the AICHA Tepuy (1.300m), for 3 days and from here you

can continue to the PUR PUR Valley, for another 3 days.

"churuatas" Indian dwellings

 Access :

ONLY with charter flights, from Caracas


At the foot of the Auyantepuy