This is a touristic center located in the north of the vast National Park (30.000 ) of the same name. In this beautiful place, around the lagoon formed by the Golondrina, Hacha, Ucaima and Sapo or "Canaima Falls", we can find different camps to lodge in.

"Canaima" is the name given by the Pemón Indians to a feared goddess.

The Lagoon and Canaima Falls

the Sapo Fall at Canaima


Here you have the possibility of making a lot of excursions:

- Boat trips on the lagoon to visit

the falls

- Boat ride to the Angel Falls


- Excursion by car or on foot

through the savannah or the rainforest.

Wei Tepuy as seen from the Carrao River.

- Over-flights by charter planes

to the:


AUYANTEPUY (table-mountain)







 - ONLY by plane with regular

daily flights from Pto. Ordaz


or from Caracas with charterflights (Amazonair)

Camp Ucaima